sturgisThe 76th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is coming up here soon. From August 8th-14th, thousands of people find their way to Black Hills, South Dakota.
Delicious food, gorgeous rides and an abundance of leather are to be expected every year, and this one is no different. If it’s your first time visiting Sturgis, you’re in for a treat. With so much planning going into the event, you will want to make sure that you too plan in advance.

In order to make sure that you’ve got everything you could possibly need for your long distance trip and your stay in the Black Hills for Sturgis, we’ve created a list that encompasses everything that you’ll need. Following this list will help ensure that you don’t under, or over, pack for the trip.

Find The Right Luggage

Brands like Harley-Davidson make luggage that suits just about any motorcycle, but the best part is that they take into consideration what riders will need when they’re on the road for long distances. Most luggage designs will incorporate sides that expand so that you can truly fit all that you need inside. You will also find larger compartments and heavy duty materials a part of the construction so that it can out stand the ride that you’re headed on.

Pack Your Clothes Lightly

While being prepared for situations is great, long distance motorcycle rides are one of the times that packing light is going to be the better option. Make sure that you have enough clothes to last you your stay, but reuse when possible. If you can reuse a pair of jeans for two or three days, you can cut down on the amount of pants that you pack. If you are packing any heavier items that you can wear while riding, that will still be comfortable, it’s not a bad idea to do so, but do remember that if you take them off because it’s gotten warmer, there needs to be room in your luggage for them.

Be Prepared For Bad Situations

When you’re on a motorcycle, you need to be prepared for the worst situations to come about. This includes poor weather, flat tires and breakdowns. Carrying a small toolbox or tire patch kit will keep you prepared for the worst situations so that you aren’t taken by surprise or stranded. Packing jackets that will keep you safe from rain, gloves that will protect your hands from the wind and goggles to keep your eyes safe along the way, are all musts that should be prioritized as you determine which items you truly need to bring on the road with you.

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