1. Properly Packing For Your Long Distance Motorcycle Trip

    The 76th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is coming up here soon. From August 8th-14th, thousands of people find their way to Black Hills, South Dakota. Delicious food, gorgeous rides and an abundance of leather are to be expected every year, and this one is no different. If it’s your first time visiting Sturgis, you’re in for a treat. With so much planning going into the event, you will want t…Read More

  2. Traveling Through The Grand Canyon

    There’s nothing quite like a good motorcycle ride. Regardless of if you’re new to the biking community or you’ve been an adamant motorcyclist for years, you’ve had that ride where you know exactly why you got into riding in the first place. Whether it was the group that you rode with, the route that you took, or the time of year you went, there are certain qualities that create the ride th…Read More

  3. 5 Motorcycle Safety Tips

    You’re ready to have Secure Motorcycle Shipping transport your bike from one home to the next. Don’t worry, we have the tools and expertise to move your motorcycle efficiently and safely. We aren’t worried about the safety of your bike, but we are always concerned for the safety of our motorcycle-riding clients. Here are five of the most basic motorcycle safety tips we’d like to share with…Read More

  4. Spice up Your Summer with a Motorcycle Tour

    Secure Motorcycle Shipping is your premier choice for moving your motorcycle from one home to another. We know how important your motorcycle is to you, and we promise to transport your bike safely and on time. We are located in Boca Raton, Florida, but we can transport your motorcycle wherever it needs to go. No matter where you are headed, consider going on a motorcycle tour! We know you have a m…Read More

  5. Open or Enclosed for my Motorcycle

    Your motorcycle is precious to you, which is why you need to find professionals you trust to transport your bike to its destination. When shipping your motorcycle, you have a choice to make: will you send it in an open trailer or an enclosed one? How much does the type of trailer matter? Open Transport With open transport, your bike will be shipped in plain sight the entire time. This makes it eas…Read More

  6. Make the Most of Your Vacation by Shipping Your Motorcycle

    If you are planning a vacation that involves a cross-country motorcycle ride, we want to be the first to tell you to have fun and wish you good luck! Motorcyclists know that it’s the journey that matters and not the destination. While we agree, we also understand how challenging it can be to make a long ride to your destination and then spend the same amount of time riding back--especially when …Read More

  7. Health Benefits To Owning A Motorcycle

    As the owner of a motorcycle, you’ve experienced the long peaceful rides on quiet roads as well as the fast paced, exhilarating zig zags through busy city highways. These two entirely different experiences provide all the proof you could need that owning a motorcycle is not only good for the soul, but that it also boosts mental and emotional health. For some people, motorcycles serve as an escap…Read More

  8. Preparing Your Motorcycle For Transport

    Regardless of the brand, style or reason behind the purchase, motorcycles are one of the vehicles that people love to keep in a beautiful condition. Being able to enjoy drives through the country, down the coast or just through town is a treat that becomes even sweeter when the overall appearance of your motorcycle looks great. In the instances that you’re in need of a company to transport your …Read More

  9. Tips For First Time Shippers

    The process of shipping vehicles is one that’s been around for years, but more people are finding the convenience in shipping their vehicle. If you’re considering shipping your vehicle but aren’t sure what it entails or how to prepare, don’t fret. Secure Auto Shipping has all the info you need to prepare for the process of shipping your vehicle.  …Read More

  10. Our Partnership With UShip

    Secure Auto Shipping is proud, and excited, to announce that we have partnered with UShip, a top option for people looking for the perfect shipping services. This partnership is one built off of quality work and great customer service, so it is sure to be a successful one! UShip is a trusted online shipping marketplace that connects consumers with companies who ship household goods, vehicles and m…Read More