motorcycle2As the owner of a motorcycle, you’ve experienced the long peaceful rides on quiet roads as well as the fast paced, exhilarating zig zags through busy city highways. These two entirely different experiences provide all the proof you could need that owning a motorcycle is not only good for the soul, but that it also boosts mental and emotional health. For some people, motorcycles serve as an escape and a sanctuary. If you thought that those reasons were enough to justify your purchase or even your one of a kind love, we’ve got good news: there are plenty of ways that owning a motorcycle boosts your physical health. Here are some of the health benefits that you’ll see with a motorcycle.


Unlike a car, motorcycles require you to use your core and good posture for a comfortable ride. As you enjoy your motorcycle ride, you will most certainly experience high winds, especially at an accelerated speed like the rides you know and love. The longer that you ride, the more time that you’ll be strengthening your core and improving your posture.

Burning Calories

Exercise is hard to fit in, but it’s a treat when you burn calories doing something that you have a love for. If riding a motorcycle can burn a few extra calories, why not take it for a ride? Studies have shown that just being a passenger on a motorcycle can burn roughly 50 calories. While it isn’t much, that’s easily 50 more than being the passenger of a car.

Leg Strength

Riding a motorcycle, you are sure to gain leg strength whether as the driver or the passenger. Riding incorporates your knees and thighs without working them too hard. For some people, this is a great form of physical therapy and muscle strengthening. As a passenger, you keep your legs snug around the driver for the most part, which also works your leg muscles and builds strength, especially on long rides.

There are plenty of ways that owning a motorcycle and getting maximum use out of are beneficial to your health. If this was all you needed to convince you to go on your next adventure, wherever it may be, you can count on Secure Motorcycle Shipping to get your bike there for you. That way you can still experience the benefits of the rie, all in the time that you have.