securemotoRegardless of the brand, style or reason behind the purchase, motorcycles are one of the vehicles that people love to keep in a beautiful condition. Being able to enjoy drives through the country, down the coast or just through town is a treat that becomes even sweeter when the overall appearance of your motorcycle looks great. In the instances that you’re in need of a company to transport your motorcycle to another location, preparing your motorcycle is important. Here are a few tips that you should take advantage of before shipping.

Clean It Up

Clean your motorcycle up by using a soapy mixture with two parts water one part soap. Wash away any dirt, residue or grease off gently so as not to scratch, and then gently rinse off your motorcycle with water. In order to keep from streaking or water marks, use a towel to dry off your motorcycle.

Note Any Damage

After you’ve cleaned up your motorcycle, take the time to really check and see where, if any, scratches and scrapes are located on your motorcycle. If you do notice any, make sure to take pictures of them so that you know if any damage was done while being transported. At Secure Motorcycle Shipping you don’t have to worry about any damage happening, but we totally understand that this is your baby; so go ahead and prepare for the worst case scenario, and let us prove to you that’s not a concern.

Figure Out Gas Preference

Depending on how you’re planning to ship your motorcycle, what type of motorcycle you have and how far you’re transporting your motorcycle, we may ask you to empty out your gas tank. In some instances, leaving a quarter tank of gas or more is ideal just to get the vehicle off our transport vehicles, but in these instances, it’s easier to do so without having to add on gas. Always make sure to check for preference before leaving your motorcycle with us.

If you’re heading to a trip or making a big move, you can count on Secure Motorcycle Shipping to get the job done in a timely manner without any damages. Call today for a quote on our motorcycle transport services.